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New Phone System Posted on 13 May 2022

On the 12th of April the surgery had a whole new telephone system installed.
The phone system allows you to hear where you are in the queue, it also means we can have as many incoming calls as there is so you will not be cut off and have to re-dial. 
You can request a call back so if you are unable to wait on hold when your turn in the queue comes our reception team will automatically dial you back, you won't loose your place in the queue and will speak to a member of the Medical Support team as quickly as you would if waiting - just remember to have your phone next to you and on loud so you don't miss your call back. 
This new system allows the management team to see how many calls are coming in so we can staff the phones appropriatley to help your calls being answered quicker. 
There is three options when calling:
To speak to the Appointment Team to book a medical appointment for on the day. You can also use this option to book routine appointments such as Asthma reviews, wound care and smears to name a few. If you hear there are no appointments left you can still book routine appointments with our treatment room nurse but it does mean that our Minor Illness, Advanced Nurse Practicioners and GP appointments are fully booked.  
To speak to the Reception Team, this could be to chase referrals, cancel appointments, general queries or for test results, please be aware you will get through quicker if calling on an afternoon. 
To request a Prescription, please be aware that members of the Medical Team will be stopping taking prescription requests if you are calling a repeat request in this must be done through the voicemail/Direct Dial option. 
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