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We run an ever-increasing number of special services, some by doctors, some by nurses, some by both and some by our pharmacist. Currently we provide:-

Home Visits

We offer home visits for housebound patients and we ask that if you require a home visit to request this before 12 noon unless it is an emergency. With a visit request we have the Doctor call you back to discuss the symptoms from this a visit may be arranged either with the GP or with other community services as required.

Health Checks

If you are aged between 40 and 74 and have no noted long term conditions you may be entitled to a NHS Health Check. Those patients will be invited for a health check in due course.

Minor Illness

Our specially trained duty nurse will assess your situation and either give advice, a prescription or refer you to a medical colleague. We can also provide "over 75" annual checks in this clinic.

Joint Injections and Dermatology Lesions

These services enable us to perform investigative and therapeutic procedures at The Medical Centre thus bypassing the hospital waiting lists. Appointments are by doctor's referral only and you can expect to be seen within six weeks.

Minor Surgery

The minor surgery service is run by Dr Middleton monthly. We provide a full and rapid service for all minor surgery procedures, which can be undertaken in The Medical Centre, thus bypassing hospital waiting lists. We also provide a liquid nitrogen clinic for the treatment of warts and minor skin problems. Again, this is by referral from your doctor.


This service is run by a doctor and nurse to provide an excellent service for our diabetic patients. It is by appointment only.

The staff at the surgery will contact you by letter when your diabetic appointment is due. However, if you feel you need a diabetic check-up before your next appointment is due, please ring the surgery for advice.


If you are diagnosed as having high blood pressure, your care will be delivered by our pharmacist. She will check your blood pressure, medication and give lifestyle advice. Blood tests will be done in advance of your appointment if necessary - you will be advised on this.

Aural Care

This service will look at ear problems, wax removal or treatment of infections. Your doctor or practice nurse can refer you.

Heart Care

This service will look after your wellbeing if you suffer from angina or have had a heart attack. Checks will be made to see how you are progressing by using blood tests, ECG, blood pressure etc and giving you lifestyle advice. You will receive a letter inviting you to this service.


This service is for the continuous care of patients with asthma/COPD and is run by our specially trained nurse and pharmacist. Your use of inhalers, peak flow and treatment will be monitored through this. The clinic is by referral in the first instance. Your follow-up care will be agreed at your first visit.

Child immunisations

Child immunisations are still done at The Medical Centre through a nurse appointment; these can now be booked at most times of the day to suit you.

If you have any doubts about whether your children are completely vaccinated, please contact the practice nurse or health visitor who will check the appropriate records and advise you. We provide a full surveillance service for children.


Antenatal clinics are held at various locations (your midwife can advise) during the week by appointment. Information on parent antenatal, feeding support, twins’ club and water births are available from our midwife.

Acupuncture /Pain Management

This service is provided by our sister practice (The Pheonix) and is an alternative method for pain management. Access to this service is through GP referral.

Mental Health

Our medical staff can refer you to a wide range of mental health services including our own practice counsellor. If you phone with a low mood/depression problem, the counsellor will phone you back and agree with you your treatment.

The Talking Shop in Doncaster is a drop-in advice and psychological therapy shop which gives people the opportunity to browse information on mental health issues and gain information about the therapies offered. Information to be found at the shop includes prevention and self-help literature and the very latest computer-based intervention programs. An initial consultation with a health professional is available if necessary. Reception staff and volunteers help visitors to access information and use the computers. Carers of people with mental health problems are also able to access information and local support. To find out more, telephone 01302 565650.

Smoking Cessation

Patients of The Medical Centre who are thinking of stopping smoking can access services by self-refering to 0800 612 0011

Delays In Clinics

With all of the above-mentioned clinics we will endeavour to see you as near to your scheduled time as possible. Nevertheless, it is inevitable that delays will sometimes occur. At such times we will keep you fully informed and/or make alternative arrangements for you if required.

If you are unable to attend your appointment you must ring the surgery as soon as possible so that the appointment can be reallocated.

Caring For Carers

There is no official national register of carers but, as a practice, we recognise the important role that many of you have as carers. We therefore keep a register of both carers and cared for patients so we are aware of our carers and can give advice, assistance and support when needed. If you are a carer, let us know so we can put your name on our register. In the past, we have run a carers' “self help” group. If you are interested in this, please let our practice manager know. Information for support is displayed on our notice boards throughout the surgery and also on our information kiosk.

Hospital Visits

If you are admitted to hospital you will receive full information on what to do and the hospital facilities available. The doctor will not routinely visit you after you have come out of hospital. The hospital should arrange any necessary support (district nurse etc) and supply you with 28 days' medication. If they change your medication they should inform us soon enough to action for your next repeat. If you need any help please ring the surgery.

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Your Neighbourhood Professionals. Just a Click Away! Set up a lasting power of attorney before you lose capacity and it
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